#PulaoBiryaniDay 25th of June 2017 Sunday

#PulaoBiryaniDay 25th of June 2017 Sunday #PulaoBiryaniDay 25th of June 2017 Sunday
Dehradun Pulao and Biryani has been part of Indian cuisine since a log time . Much has been written about the origin of this dish and the controversy end to die whether it is an Indian invention or it was brought to India by the Mughals. Well whatever be the origin, one thing is sure, it is a dish which is liked equally by all Indians . From Kashmir to kanyakumari you will get this dish at every small and big restaurant/dhaba.

Culinary experts and food connoisseur in India are celebrating #PulaoBiryaniDay on 25th of June 2017 Sunday. Its an initiative by Rushina M Ghildiyal  @rushinamg  the famous culinary expert from Garhwal.

Dehradun is also excited to celebrate 25th June as #PulaoBiryaniDay. Most of the people whom we have spoken to have decided to order their favorite pulao/biryani from a nearby restaurant.   Nitu a resident of Malsi will have it ordered from The Connoisseur Bistro at Pacific Hills , Mussoorrie Diversion. Gaurav a student from DIT will have it from Moradabadi Biryani Centre near DIT. Swati a homemaker at Rajpur road prefers to cook it at home. Akshay an employee of a real estate firm like to order his biryani from ALI near Crossroad Mall.

Bhadas4India has also reviewed some outlet serving biryani/pulao and here is our list for the most authentic biryani in Dehradun.

1) Connoisseur Bistro -Pacific Hills Mussoorrie Diversion.
2) Ali’s Non Veg- East Canal road
3)Kebabs & Biryani- Vikash Cine Mall Indra Nagar & Jakhan Rajpur Road
4)Punjab Grill- Jakhan Rajpur Road.

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